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Is your organization transparent?

Yes, transparency is a cornerstone of our operations at The Campfire Project. We believe in maintaining open and clear communication with our supporters, participants, and the community. Our financial statements, including how donations are utilized, are available upon request. We also regularly update our stakeholders about our progress, challenges, and achievements through our website, newsletters, and annual reports. Our board, consisting of dedicated volunteer members, oversees all activities to ensure accountability and adherence to our mission. At The Campfire Project , we are committed to earning and maintaining the trust of those we serve and those who support us.

How much of my donation directly supports the cause?

Every penny of your donation directly supports our cause. The Campfire Project prides itself on being a 100% volunteer-driven organization. This means that we have no paid staff, ensuring that all donated funds are fully allocated to the administration and funding of our recreational trips for Veterans and First Responders. When you donate to us, you can be confident that your entire contribution is invested in creating meaningful experiences and support systems for those who have dedicated their lives to public service. Your generosity makes a direct impact, enabling us to continue our mission of providing these heroes with the camaraderie and care they deserve.

What is the minimum age to volunteer?

The nature of our work at The Campfire Project involves dealing with mature and sensitive subjects, especially as we support Veterans and First Responders who may be facing complex mental and physical health challenges. Therefore, we require all volunteers to be at least 21 years of age. This age threshold ensures that our volunteers are sufficiently mature and can provide the responsible, empathetic support needed for our programs. We value the enthusiasm and eagerness of all who wish to contribute to our cause, but it is crucial that our volunteers are prepared to handle the responsibilities and sensitivities associated with our mission.

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